Wouldn’t It Be Ironic?


January 29, 2016 by Chris Kite

The Republican party is a disaster. They have been courting the lunatic fringe voter for so long that the two leaders in the GOP Presidential primary battle are fringe lunatics that attract an unhinged, racist, xenophobic voter. They’ve been the party of fear and distraction for decades now. They turn low level threats and non-threats into huge issues in the eyes of the far right. They’re afraid of tyranny. They’re afraid of terrorism. Muslims. Losing their guns. Attacks on Christianity. Welfare queens. Willie Hortons. Homosexuality. Conspiring climate scientists.

And the result is the two top guys in the GOP primary, Trump and Cruz, have largely run on campaigns of lies and fear.

They continue to attack Hillary Clinton, assuming that she will be the Democratic nominee. But that still isn’t clear.

Which got me to thinking. How ironic would it be if the GOP tactics result in Trump wining the GOP primary and Bernie Sanders winning the Democratic primary.

In a general election it seems unlikely Trump could win given his huge negative ratings with so many voters.

So let’s think about Trump versus Sanders with a Sanders win in the general election. The far right would end up with a President well left of Obama, Clinton, Carter, or any major Democratic candidate since the 1970s. They created this mess. And that would be ironic.

I still have hope Trump or Cruz won’t be the ultimate GOP winner. But Trump is looking more and more like he just can’t lose. As he recently said, he could go out onto 5th Avenue and shoot someone with little loss of voter support. He seems to have hypnotized 30-40% of the GOP voter block into a bunch of “Make America Great Hate Again” robots.

And I still think Hillary Clinton will be the eventual Democratic winner. I just think it isn’t going to be quite the cake walk many expected.

But it is certainly fun to think about the right wings tactics backfiring on them so badly that they end up with a very liberal candidate in the oval office in 2016.

One thought on “Wouldn’t It Be Ironic?

  1. Jan Stone says:

    I don’t know if Trump can rant and rave the way he is now in Illinois or California. Yeah Trump can certainly be the nominee — if A LOT of people DON’T vote. Hoping we’ll be laughing about this soon……

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