Trump’s Lack of Iranian Deal Understanding is Mind Boggling

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February 8, 2016 by skokielib

Donald Trump has spent his entire Presidential campaign giving non-answers when asked serious questions. He typically says things such as, “When I’m President, we’re going to look at that.” Or, “I will fix that problem when I’m President.”

Most of us realized that the reason he wasn’t providing real answers was because he wasn’t really capable. I figured he hadn’t thought through the policy and really couldn’t come up with a better approach. It turns out that he didn’t think through the policy because he completely didn’t understand the policy.

It seems Trump was not aware that the money being “given” to Iran in return for their removal of their nuclear weapons capabilities actually belonged to the Iranians all along. It was money that was frozen as part of sanctions to punish Iran for its actions.

Trump continued to embarrass himself in this interview when he made clear how successful you can be if you refuse to give an inch, insist on your way, and walk out if you don’t get your way. It seems Trump failed to see the irony in that statement given his walking out on the last GOP debate before Iowa likely cost him the state.

It is very important that people running for President understand the deal. Especially if they are going to speak out against it!

Trump is completely un-Presidential. Trump is wholly unqualified to run our country. Trump is an intellectual light weight. Trump represents the Republican party of today.

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