How Crazy is this Political Season?

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February 15, 2016 by Jan Stone

Crazy in terms of characters candidates is one measure. Who’d have dreamt Jeb! would slump into jeb* so soon? Shouldn’t Ben Carson look more viable to endangered liberal Republican ranks considering his Evangelical allegiance? Still, the pediatric neurosurgeon who denies scientific details concerning evolution and climate change continues declining in the polls. What does it say when a fiscal and social conservative African-American physician can’t stir up an enlightened right-wing electorate?

Aren’t candidates of immigrant families, like Messrs. Rubio and Cruz, who think government is too big, feeling any of the benevolence this country has provided in terms of education and opportunity? Think about it. Is any presidential candidate indigenous?


And how long do we overlook the fact that the US exists in large part because of the pursuit of religious liberty? Seriously, our country’s history simply is not that extensive. Remember the Pilgrims? Thanksgiving? Clearly it’s inconvenient to recall what they did to Native Americans, but why is such short-sightedness acceptable? Do we really prefer government officials conduct business by factual cherry-picking and harassing those who remind our candidates of inconvenient truths?

With “The Donald” as a candidate, the 2016 presidential race as reality show exceeds expectations, rallying Christian White Supremacy and spite like cockroaches to sewage. Concealed carry, bigotry and racism consistently trump fair wages, equitable benefits and sending other people’s kids—never the candidates or their kids—to war. I do miss Sarah Palin, though. Where’d she go? Her comic relief was one of the best breaks in the cycle. Along those lines, can voters really relate to the plight of Mr. Trump, whose eldest recently lamented others’ unsavory opinions of him because he’s a billionaire’s son?

What may be most inconceivable to understand is that not very long ago Trump would be the anti-Christ to the very voting bloc he now indoctrinates. This old, rich white guy in a suit who could care less about the working class wouldn’t stand a chance a decade ago. Yet, in this crazy political climate he has somehow brainwashed citizens he otherwise wouldn’t be caught dead associating with, living near or giving a lift to from his fleet of limos, helicopters and jets.

Do Republicans and Tea Partiers who are not part of the one percent really believe the current prospects give a damn about any of the issues directly affecting their daily lives? Do they think these candidates are going to make it easier to pay a mortgage, see a doctor, find affordable daycare, offer more opportunity to save money and live comfortably into retirement? Are voters really willing to forgo discussing these very real challenges to rant about about the right to own an Uzi, denigrate the essence of Christianity and choose a path of contempt rather than compromise for the greater good? Is screeching louder and inciting hate to muffle the truths that don’t support right-wing agendas the shrewdest solution to democracy?

Lately there’s been a lot said about how cultures go through periods of anger, cruelty, flat-out evil, but historically circle back to compassion and compromise. I wait anxiously. The damage that’s been done by intolerant and wealthy people with obsessive senses of entitlement forever scar our history. Bullying, lying and finger-pointing are easy. It takes real courage, not bluster, to govern. Is it crazy to insist these candidates show some?

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