Obama’s Iranian Policy Success

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March 1, 2016 by Chris Kite

Having already turned back their nuclear development clock, as well as releasing “prisoners,” and quickly releasing American soldiers, Iran inched further toward better western relations last week.

With Iranians having seen that moderate policies and cooperating with the west brings consumer goods, more freedoms, and less fear, they turned out to elect candidates that are noticeably more moderate and more pro west. While not likely to result in massive and radical changes that will improve human rights or dramatically change policy, the elections will probably foster incremental change that results in more deals with western nations and less anti-US sentiment.

There is little doubt that the multination deal that freed up Iranian assets and resulted in destroyed nuclear capabilities had an influence in Iranian elections. With less western hostility toward Iran, comes less Iranian hostility toward the west.

Successful foreign policy takes hard work and time. But it is starting to pay off!

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