Trump Wants To Be An Unstable and Unpredictable “Leader”

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March 30, 2016 by skokielib

Donald Trump is dangerous. There is no doubt about that. He has proven it in so many ways. He encourages violence at his rallies. He is a bully. He is tired of “political correctness” and sees no problem with using foul language. Well. Unless someone is using foul language against him or his supporters. Then he thinks it is worthy of violent retribution. He hates entire groups of people based on religion or country of heritage.

But where he is most dangerous is in his foreign policy. Now lets be honest. He doesn’t really have a foreign policy per se. Or any policy for that matter. Because when he talks, it is very much like listening to that sixth grade classmate we all had that didn’t read the book and is still trying to make a presentation about the book. You all know that person. The one that everyone knew was trying to BS their way thru the class and no one was falling for it. But apparently 30-40% of Republicans have not been able to determine that Trump is that kid.

The link below talks about how Donald Trump wants to be unpredictable when it comes to foreign policy. You know that type, too. Saddam Hussein. Kim Jong-un. Kim Jong-il. Adolph Hitler. And that really worked out for them, didn’t it?

If you don’t vote. And if you don’t vote for someone other than Donald Trump. Pretty much anyone other than Donald Trump (except maybe Ted Cruz). Then you are helping to create our future. And it is not a pretty one!

Trump’s Unpredictable And Secretive Nature Is The Problem — Jim Wright Speaks Out

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