The Art Of The Deal (Or, Being A Big Bully)

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April 9, 2016 by Chris Kite

Donald Trump is enamored with his ability to make great deals. He tells us about it all the time. He was so proud of himself he wrote a book about it.

Trump undoubtedly has made some great deals for himself. But his bullying and “I’m the only one that has a say or matters” attitude have left a wasteland of damaged businesses and people. That should be a warning sign as to what a Trump Presidency might bring.

There is a truth that makes his deal making completely irrelevant to his qualifications as President. Running the government is not like running a business. You’re primary concern needs to be the safety, protection, and well being of the people, not a profit. You need to work on the world stage where others are not necessarily interested in the same thing as you. For example, pretty much all businesses are motivated by profit, which makes closing a business deal simple in relative terms. You need to consider the worldview of things and the long term impact not just on business profits, but also on military ramifications, how countries interact, and what the future may bring. History is full of “good deals” that left all kinds of unintended consequences.

The treaties at the end of WWI are a great example. They were good deals for the Allied Powers, the winners of WWI. At least they appeared to be. Borders were redrawn. Reparations were demanded. Militaries were limited. The losers were humiliated. And everyone that has read any history knows that these things contributed greatly to WWII. In short, what appeared to be a great deal for the Allied Powers pretty much insured the loss of tens of millions of lives and destruction of entire countries full of businesses, homes, and infrastructure.

So Trump’s ability to make great deals (for him) really doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. As President of the United States of America, one should be making deals for the people. Those “deals” need to consider all kinds of things other than short term profit. One must consider the safety and well being of the citizens. One must consider how the deal will impact the other country’s citizens safety and well being (anyone remember what happened when the U.S. and U.K. governments decided keeping Iran’s oil industry private was more important than the safety and well being of the Iranian citizens?). One must consider how it impacts the balance of world power. What are the military ramifications? How will our friends and allies react?

Donald Trump has a very simplistic view of the world, as do many Republicans and conservatives. They often worship money and power without regard to anything else. Because what else matters, right?

So even if you’re willing to overlook Donald Trump’s outright racism and bigotry. Even if you’re willing to overlook his childish behavior and constant bullying of anyone he doesn’t like.

The simple fact is Donald Trump has no qualifications to be President of United States. He is unfit at every level.

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