Governor Bruce Rauner: Epic Failure

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April 17, 2016 by Chris Kite

I’m certainly not surprised. I’m guessing a significant number of my fellow state citizens are also not at all surprised. Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is failing. And he is failing in an epic way!

Illinois citizens voted him in to office on promises and on the ridiculous notion that somehow running companies is the same as running businesses. It isn’t. Let this serve as a warning to anyone that thinks Trump might bring his (questionable) business acumen into play to improve our entire country. Running a city, or a state, or a country is not like running a company!

Rauner failed to understand basic political principle. When you’re the President or CEO, or even a V.P. of a corporation, you have the ability to dictate policy. If someone doesn’t want to go along with your ideas you can either make life so miserable they quit, or you can simply fire them. You can bring in your own people. You can hand pick the managers and ofPolitics and government doesn’t work that way. It requires compromise. It requires deal making and give and take. It requires earning people’s trust and not staying them in the back.

Governor Rauner has been horrible for Illinois. As bad as things were, they have gotten worse. And they will continue to get worse. Because like most of today’s Republican politicians, he is more worried about party purity than he is with helping the citizens that he is supposed to govern for. He is more worried about his idealism and his promises to all his rich friends that helped get him in to office than he is the people of Illinois.

Governor Rauner. You have established yourself as a truly awful governor in a state where being one of the worst is really hard to do.

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