The Grand Old Party Crumbles

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April 24, 2016 by skokielib

The Republican Party is a big mess and it isn’t getting better. The far right wing crazies are trying to hold the country hostage and while they aren’t succeeding in that, they are succeeding in putting the GOP into a crisis from which it may never recover.

The entire fabric of the United States government was built upon the idea that people will not necessarily agree, but compromise will work out the differences. Unless there is a strong majority, compromise is required to come to agreement and get things done.

But to the “Freedom Caucus,” compromise is a dirty word. They want their country back and they’re not going to compromise. Never mind that they don’t have a majority. They don’t even have a majority of the Republican Party. But that doesn’t stop them from acting as if they control both houses and the Presidency.

Their extremism and obstructionism is bad for the country and it is destroying the Republican Party. It is also the behavior that has resulted in Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, two politicians with extremely high negative perceptions. Two politicians that know a thing or two about temper tantrums and demanding winning at all costs.

Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for this self made disaster.

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