The Polls Were Right About Trump

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May 7, 2016 by skokielib

While many pundits were dead wrong about Trump winning the GOP nomination, the polls were not. They consistently showed Trump in the lead. They gave every indication that Trump was the leader and would win.

So while you can say lots of experts predicted Trump would lose, you cannot argue the polls were also wrong.

The polls have also consistently showed that Hillary Clinton beats Donald Trump in general election. I know die-hard Bernie Sanders supporters want to tell you that only Bernie Sanders consistently beats Trump. But that simply isn’t true. Hillary Clinton holds the lead in almost every popular vote poll. And in all the electoral college data, Hillary Clinton has a clear path to victory.

Would I prefer Bernie Sanders be our next President? Sure! But that isn’t going to happen. The polls were consistently right about that, too.

I know die-hard Republicans, for the most part, think of Hillary Clinton as the anti-Christ (replacing one Barack Obama in that status) and don’t want her to win. There is little doubt in my mind that Republicans will coalesce around Trump. The bodies of Cruz and Kasich weren’t even cool yet, and Republicans were suddenly forgetting the Never Trump pledges. They were suddenly saying he isn’t really a racist. We can’t really know what his foreign policy will be. He isn’t all bad. And they really want to believe that he will turn around and be a decent guy and win in the general election. But again, the polls tell a very different story.

The following link is a good piece about the history of polls, the accuracy of polls, and how dangerous it is to ignore them.

Which is cheering news if you happen to think Donald Trump would be a disastrous President.

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