Evidence Doesn’t Back Guns Make Women Safer Claims

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May 25, 2016 by skokielib

The pro gun crowd continues to try to influence people to buy guns by making things up.

The truth is, guns don’t make women safer. They are most likely to be hurt or killed by someone they know. That gun they are carrying around in their purse is far more likely to either be taken and used against them, or involved in an accident.

Statistics show that women used guns to protect themselves from crime in just 0.4% of cases. Statistics also show that fewer than 1,600 instances of someone protecting themselves with a gun happen each year, while there are 118,000 people a year killed or injured by gun. That certainly does not seem to indicated guns make you safer!

But the gun rights crowd isn’t all that concerned with facts. If they were, they would support government research into gun violence.

Because just like government research into car and plane safety has resulted in far safer driving and flying, it would result in less gun deaths. And last time I checked, those studies didn’t result in people losing their cars or flying being banned.

Gun-Rights Advocates Claim Owning a Gun Makes a Woman Safer. The Research Says They’re Wrong.

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