How Can You Trust A Man That Would Lie About Donations To Veteran Organizations?

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May 30, 2016 by skokielib

Trump loves to talk about money. Especially his money! He constantly refers to his “tremendous success” as a business man and the fact that he’s a billionaire. Obviously he didn’t get there giving away large sums of money to anyone that asks.

He made a point when he missed the debate that he was doing a fundraiser for veterans’ organizations. Which made good sense. Because the right loves them some veterans. Well. As long as it doesn’t involve government funding of anything for veterans.

So he was going to raise lots of money and give it to veterans’ organizations. Can’t you just see his campaign staff brainstorming about how best to lie about, I mean spin his absence? Should we say we’re going shooting?Mounting an armed take over of a wildlife refuge? Harassing abortion seekers? Or, I’ve got it, doing a fund raiser for veterans!

Along the way, Trump seems to have been caught in fib after fib. But because the so called dishonest media kept hounding him, and kept following up with the organizations he said were getting the money, he finally paid up.

But it sure looks like he was not going to give the $1M of his own money that he pledged unless he absolutely had to. And because of relentless pressure by media, he finally made good on his promise.

But you’ve got to wonder how you can possibly trust a man that repeatedly lied about donations to veterans’ organizations. These are organizations that take care of those that risked their lives for our country. These are people that have risked their lives to insure that every day, people like Donald Trump and his supporters can stand up and deliver their hateful, bigoted, misogynistic, crass messages.

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