NRA Responsible for Gun Sales, Not Obama or Clinton

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June 4, 2016 by Chris Kite

NRA Responsible for Gun Sales, Not Obama or Clinton

The National Rifle Association is at it again. Peddling lies to peddle guns and ammo. There has never been any threat toward ownership of firearms in this country. But listening to the NRA, Barack Obama was coming to get your guns. He never did. In fact, he never even made a move to come get your guns.

But that doesn’t stop the rampant paranoia that the NRA has sold to its gullible members. Members that believe that they need a gun for protection, despite statistic evidence that shows a gun makes you LESS safe. Members that believe they need to run out and buy lots and lots of guns because they won’t be available much longer.

They are too foolish to recognize that the NRA are playing them. The NRA has one primary focus. Sell more guns and ammunition. By selling a false fear that somehow gun laws are going to dramatically change and you will no longer be able to buy guns and ammunition, the NRA has been doing a fantastic job at its number one goal. Sell more guns and ammunition.

There is no threat to people’s Second Amendment rights. There never has been.

Imagine what all these poor people that are wasting their money on guns could do with that money. They could save for retirement. They could get an education. They could improve their health. But instead, they resemble hypnotized zombies that are obeying the NRA’s command to go buy more guns.

You better hurry. Because Hillary Clinton may be your next President and she’s going to come for your guns. No really. She is.

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