Bernie Super Fans Betting On Corrupt Super Delegates to Save Him

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June 7, 2016 by Chris Kite

My Bernie Sanders super supporter friends are telling me that the Democratic party is horrible and corrupt. That it is going against the will of the people. That super delegates shouldn’t be used in the nomination process because they are corrupt and aren’t bound by the will of the people. (I happen to agree with that, but I didn’t make the rules, nor did Hillary Clinton)

My Bernie Sanders super supporter friends have explained to me how Bernie Sanders can still win if the super delegates can be persuaded to switch their vote from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders. They tell me this is necessary because Bernie Sanders is currently polling better against Trump than Hillary Clinton. Not because he has more votes or regular delegates.

So let me see if I have this correct:

Bernie Sanders spent his entire political career as an independent. He was left of the Democratic party and found that he didn’t agree with their platform so he decided to be an independent. Until he wanted to run for President.

Bernie Sanders (and his super supporter fans) feels like he isn’t really liked all that much by the Democratic party. The party that he didn’t want to be a part of because they were not liberal enough. The party that he is constantly attacking as corrupt and too far right.

Bernie Sanders is behind in the Democratic primaries by over 3,000,000 votes and by 291 delegates. He has won 21 primaries/caucuses to Hillary Clinton’s 29 victories. He was closer to Hillary Clinton a week ago, but fell further behind by losing to Hillary Clinton in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Bernie Sanders and his super supporter fans don’t care if Hillary Clinton wins a majority of the regular delegates. They expect the super delegates to go against the voters will to support him.

Once again, here is the math:

Hillary Clinton has 1,812 regular delegates. There are a total of 4,051 regular delegates. She needs 2,026 regular delegates to have a majority of delegates locked up. These are delegates that directly represent the will of the people.

To get to 2,026 she only needs 214 more regular delegates. There are 694 regular delegates available in today’s contests. She only needs to win 31% of the delegates available today to hit the magic 2,026 number. She has only failed to win 31% of the votes in one single contest – Vermont. Vermont happens to be the home state of Bernie Sanders.

Does anyone honestly believe she won’t win 31% of today’s delegates?

I didn’t think so.

I voted for Bernie Sanders and fully support most of his policy ideas but it is time to move on and rally behind Hillary Clinton. Because a world where Donald Trump is President of the United States is horrifying. He is a racist, bullying, know nothing, blowhard, failed businessman with no understanding of how the world or our country works. Hillary Clinton has flaws for sure. Those no longer matter.

“Here’s the truth,” Sanders said. “I’ve known Hillary Clinton for 25 years. I respect Hillary Clinton. We were colleagues in the Senate, and on her worst day, she would be an infinitely better president than either of the Republican candidates.”

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