Trump Lies About Lying

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June 8, 2016 by Chris Kite

Let’s be clear. Donating almost $6M to veterans’ organizations is a very good thing.

But continuously lying about it and saying you’ve donated the money when you haven’t is despicable. Trump and his campaign did not say they were working on it. They said they had already donated the money. But they hadn’t. That is a lie. It is a big lie. It is an outrageous lie meant to make Trump look good, with the hope that people would just take him at his word and not follow up.

If anyone thinks this money would have gone out to these charities even without media follow up, they are probably more than a little naive about Donald Trump. These are probably the same people that would continue to support Trump if he went out on Fifth Avenue and shot someone on live TV.

Trump is a sleazebag liar that is out for no one but himself. He tells people what they want to hear and has no intention of actually delivering on what he tells people.

It isn’t just the money for veterans’ organizations. His campaign “promises” also ring hollow.

He is going to build a wall that costs tens of billions of dollars and get Mexico to pay for it. Does anyone really believe that?

He’s going to bring back coal mining jobs that have virtually no hope of every coming back. Coald has been decimated less by regulation and more by cheap natural gas, less exports, and efficient renewable energy.

He’s going to bring back manufacturing jobs that are gone for good. Not just because of trade deals, but because of a global economy and because automation is cheaper than human labor.

He’s going to get tough with China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran and suddenly they’re going to fall into line. Despite that fact that Republicans and Democrats alike have not been able to accomplish this. Not thru threats, military might, sanctions, or direct negotiations.

He’s going to get US Government Bond holders to take less money than they are owed despite the fact that the US Constitution guarantees that we will repay all debts.

Donald Trump is a bully, a liar, and a know nothing maniac that is not qualified to become President.

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