Conservatives Will Blame it on Liberals

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June 12, 2016 by Chris Kite

As I read this article I found myself thinking, what will the climate deniers argue in hundreds or thousands of years when they see the disaster they are responsible for? When sea levels have erased most of the cities that people inhabit today, what will they say? How will they defend their horrible actions.

And then I realized that conservatives typically blame the results of their failures on liberals. The Great Recession? It was because Obama was elected President.

The Great Depression? It was that FDR guy’s fault it was so bad. It would have ended earlier if he hand’t messed things up.

Trickle down economics? It hasn’t worked because the Democrats have messed it up and won’t cut taxes enough.

The Iraq invasion? We would have been fine if we hadn’t pulled out our troops. That’s Obama’s fault.

So, I’m guessing, that in 10,000 years, as conservatives still desperately cling to their guns, their bible over science, their trickle down economics, and their steadfast denial of global warming, they will likely blame it on liberals. How? My guess is they will say it was because liberals lied and exaggerated and therefore they just couldn’t believe it was going to happen. Or, more likely, it wasn’t because of the burning of fossil fuels. It was because you made gay marriage legal and this is how God is punishing us.

I don’t know. Its really quite silly. But how else can you deal with such desperately sad predictions that the American Republican party has no interest in avoiding because it might mean that they couldn’t drive their big SUVs or they might have to pay a little more for energy.

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