It Is Time To Abandon Political Correctness?

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June 13, 2016 by Chris Kite

Ted Cruz, always the Islamophobic jerk, and I say that knowing that I should really apologize to jerks for lumping them in with Ted Cruz, is saying, like many conservative blow hards, that the problem is political correctness.

So, let’s go ahead and abandon political correctness and see if it helps.

The NRA is a terrorist organization as are gun rights advocates. They fight for the right of terrorists to be able to easily buy assault weapons, semi-automatic handguns, high capacity magazines, and enough ammunition to kill over 50 people in a short period of time. They fight to allow people on the do not fly list to buy guns. They fight efforts to study gun violence that might lead to life saving changes as we’ve seen in air and automobile travel. They are terrorists and need to be stopped. It is time to stop using political correctness and civility.

Religion is evil. Religion gives us radical Islam and right to life Christians that kill in the name of god. “Christianity” gives us the lunatic that attacked Sikh temple in Wisconsin in 2012. “Christianity” gives us the lunatic that killed two and injured seven when he attacked the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in 2008. It is time to stop using political correctness and civility. Religion is horrible.

There. We’ve abandoned political correctness. But it seems to me that this is really just an excuse to be even angrier and less willing to listen and look for true solutions.

Ted Cruz may think that the problem is political correctness. But the problem is much larger than that. It is being part of a civilization that finds it necessary to impose its will on other people. It is being part of a civilization that exports weapons, arms, and war to those we support for whatever reason. It might be because we want their oil. Or we want them to build stuff for us really cheap. Or we might not really have much in common with them at all, or even like them, but they are opposed to our enemy.

Islamic terrorists are misguided and manipulated people that have little hope, little reason to live, and have been convinced that western civilization is the reason for their problems. There is some truth to the argument that we get involved where we shouldn’t and that adds fuel to the fire. And gives those that twist religion to hate the perfect material to offer as proof that Christians and the west hate Islam. When Trump and Cruz preach their messages of hate and Islamophobia, those words are used to motivate these misguided and hopeless people that find hope in fighting for Islam.

Ted Cruz is a horrible person.

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