Guns, Hate, and Islamophobia in America

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June 13, 2016 by Chris Kite

There was another mass shooting in the US yesterday. One of way too many. An event that has become regular, and, dare I say, very common.

Donald Trump was focused on the shooter being Muslim. With great pride he tweeted “Appreciate the congrats on being right on radical Islamic terrorism.”

There are no decent words to describe how despicable Donald Trump is. His ego is so big that he has to tweet about being right about Islamic terrorism?

Donald Trump’s answer is to ban Muslims from immigrating to the US. But the shooter was born in the US and was a US citizen. Maybe we should just ban the religion?

These mass shootings, while usually not so deadly, have pretty much become just another day in our country. This was the 135th mass shooting so far this year in the United States. It was the 164th day of the year.

No one on the right has asked if all the hate toward Muslims or the LGBT community may have contributed to this. The open bigotry that the right expresses toward LGBT individuals is not healthy. It fosters hate and encourages an ugly attitude. The same goes toward their attitude about Muslims. And immigrants. And “Mexicans.”

Just like there are good Christians and bad Christians, just like there are Christians that kill in the name of religion and those that don’t, the same goes for the Muslim community.

This man had been investigated by the FBI several times, but he could not be kept from buying a gun. He as able to buy guns just a few days before the shooting. Reports indicate he used an assault rifle and a hand gun. An assault rifle. The perfect weapon not for hunting or protecting yourself, but for mass murders. The perfect gun protected by the NRA because “it is our second amendment right.” I don’t think the founding fathers had assault rifles in mind when they created the second amendment. I don’t think the founding fathers intended to let people that are a fairly clear threat to other Americans the right to own a weapon capable of mowing down fifty people in quick succession.

Those that bring up gun control will be told that they are taking advantage of a tragic event and that now is not the time to discuss gun control. Those that bring up banning Muslims from entering the country will be cheered by these same people.

Florida is a very gun friendly state. Where were all the good guys with guns?


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