Lyin’ Donald Trump

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June 23, 2016 by Chris Kite

Donald Trump is often quick to throw stones from his precariously perched glass house.

He has done it when talking about the rape allegations against Bill Clinton despite he himself having been accused of rape.
He has done it when talking about Hillary Clinton’s e-mail “scandal” while he himself was found to have deleted e-mails that were critical to a trial years ago.

So it should come as no surprise that when he gives a speech on “Crooked Hillary Clinton” that he should tell a number of lies during that speech. Not all of these are unique lies direct from Trump. Quite a few of them are actually standard right wing extremist talking points. For more detail, check out the link below and Allegra Kirkland’s excellent Talking Points Memo article.

  • Despite Donald Trump’s claims, the US doesn’t have the highest tax rate in the world. The US is in the middle of the pack.
  • Hillary Clinton has no plan to screen Syrian immigrants to our country is another whopper. We have a very thorough vetting process already in place.
  • There have not been hundreds of recent immigrants convicted of terror charges. Not even close!
  • Trump wasn’t just not the first one to criticize the Iraq war, he actually said he supported it in 2002.
  • The US trade deficit didn’t soar during Clinton’s spell as Secretary of State. It went up 17.5% over four years.
  • Hillary Clinton, like other responsible government members, turned her gifts over to the US Federal Government as required by law.

It figures that Trump, a man that gets his “facts” from the National Enquirer and “the internet” just makes stuff up on the fly and has little connection with reality.

Donald Trump is unfit for the Presidency.

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