If Not Now, When?

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July 15, 2016 by skokielib

Really? REALLY?

This is not a simple matter of trying to gain political ground. It was a statement about where we are in this country. Where virtually anyone can walk into a gun show with cash and walk out with a deadly weapon. Where police have developed robots that can carry bombs to disable and kill heavily armed suspects. Because there are so many heavily armed suspects!

Where mass shootings are such a regular event they don’t even make the news all the time. Where a lunatic with a hatred of whites and specifically of white police can easily get his hands on firepower that allowed him to kill five and injure seven police officers before he could be stopped.

I don’t really care if the President “lost half the people” when he brought up guns! Those people are already convinced he’s a Kenyan, socialist Muslim that is coming for their guns anyway.

I would have been disappointed if he hadn’t brought it up. We need to face reality. We have a gun problem in the United States.

Access is too easy. Heavy firepower is too accessible. Checks and training are too lackadaisical.

It is time we act!

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