Sanders Gives Clinton His Full Backing

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July 26, 2016 by Chris Kite

The opening night of the Democratic National Convention featured some amazing speeches. First Lady Michelle Obama won the night with a personal and emotional speech that explained why Hillary Clinton deserves to win. She was, as always, brilliant, sincere, and inspiring!

But the bigger news of the night was Bernie Sanders passionate endorsement of Hillary Clinton. He made it clear that he fully supports Hillary Clinton. He made it clear that they are together on more issues than they are apart. He talked about the things that the party has moved to the left on, thanks to his movement. And he was absolutely crystal clear that electing Hillary Clinton is important not just for liberal values, but for the very survival of our country.

Now I understand that a lot of Sanders supporters are disappointed. They wanted a candidate that was always very progressive and didn’t have to be moved that way by “outsiders.” I was one of those people. I have nothing against Hillary Clinton. She isn’t as liberal as I would like, but to call her a Republican or Republican light is simply not true. She is a progressive. She has always represented liberal values. She is just closer to center than Bernie Sanders, me, or most of the Sanders supporters. But she is far more representative of mainstream America than me or any of those in the very liberal voting block.

Her e-mail scandal is a non-issue. The FBI determined that there was no cause to prosecute. Obviously she made mistakes. She should not have used her own server, but it isn’t the end of the world. It was an administrative mistake, made by someone that didn’t understand IT infrastructure, didn’t understand how hard it is to keep information secure, and decided that “bending” the rules was no big deal. Shame on her. But it is done. No crimes. No malicious intent. A mistake. That’s all. People learn from mistakes. I am quite positive Hillary Clinton has learned from this mistake.

All the other right wing conspiracy theories that the Sanders supporters have picked up on are just that. Conspiracy theories.

Benghazi? Give me a break!

Killing those that could do her harm? What planet do you live on?

Her inability to represent the average voter or citizen because she took campaign contributions and speaking fees from banks and big corporations? So what? I get paid to do a job but work for a very conservative company. It hasn’t changed my values one bit!

I now find myself wondering why the left has it’s very own “Tea Party” now. A group of very liberal people that suddenly think, liberal purity is the only thing that can qualify a candidate. No compromise. Liberal all the way. Not just left of center, but way left. Otherwise, I’m going to let Trump win. Because that is what you deserve.

That is complete and total whiny childish rhetoric. It is no different than the Tea Party extremist Ted Cruz shut down the government types. If we can’t get our way, screw it. Destroy the country. Let Trump win and break treaties, start wars, destroy the economy, run rampant with racism and discrimination.

How does that represent liberal values?

As I’ve said before, I voted for Bernie Sanders. I wanted him to win. I would prefer democratic socialism over democratic corporatism. But this is a centrist country. We are not a far left or far right country. We generally elect Presidents that are center left or center right, with a few exceptions.

So to those staunch Sanders supporters, that vowed to follow him anywhere, and who now say they will not vote for Hillary Clinton, that is your right. But it is not right. It is childish. It is unrealistic. It is sacrificing the very values you say you stand for to prove a point. But by sacrificing those values, you prove only that you are unwilling to compromise, don’t understand our political system, and are selfish and irresponsible.

Grow up. Learn to compromise. Do what is right for the American people.

There is absolutely no doubt that Hillary Clinton is qualified to be President of the United States. She has the experience. She has the temperament. She has the intelligence. She has the toughness.

I have never been more sure of who to vote for in a Presidential election. Never!

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