About Those “Classified” E-Mails On Hillary Clinton’s Private Server

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September 3, 2016 by skokielib

It appears Republicans may have finally admitted defeat on the Benghazi non-scandal. Oh, sure. They’re still telling us what a horrible person she is and how she lied and broke the law and told troops to stand down and covered up the true origin of the attack. But they’ve worn out their investigations and come up with absolutely nothing. It appears the investigations are finally over. Having spent millions of dollars and turned up absolutely zero wrong doing. But it served it’s true purpose, which we all knew was simply for the GOP to put some fear, uncertainty, and doubt out there about Hillary Clinton.

Having given up on Benghazi, the GOP needed the next non-scandal they could fabricate and use to create yet more fear, uncertainty, and doubt over Hillary Rodham Clinton. So they’ve moved on to her personal e-mail servers. Clinton has already admitted that she was wrong to have used a private e-mail server. She has stated that she regrets the decision and that if she could go back and change it, she would. And the FBI has completed their investigation and decided there is no basis for indictment or prosecution for any criminal activity.

But that hasn’t stopped Republicans. They’ve never met a disproved Hillary Rodham Clinton “scandal” that they didn’t thing was worthy of being dragged thru the mud for a couple more months or years so as to politically hurt their arch enemy.

One of the talking points that the right has grabbed on to is the “fact” that the FBI discovered several “classified” e-mails on her server. However, as this congressional testimony shows, those “classified” e-mails were not marked classified in the header, which is how classified material is to be determined by those handling it. In other words, while the material was classified, it was not properly marked and would be easy to miss without carefully reading the material first. That’s right. The material doesn’t meet the requirements for sensitive information and was thus mislabeled.

So once again, Republicans are shot down at their own game. Their ongoing game of constantly throwing accusations at Hillary Clinton, never, ever being able to prove any accusations, and then asking the question, “How is it that someone with so many accusations can’t be crooked?”

Enough already. Stop playing games and start running the country. Do your jobs!

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