Trump The Idiot. Again!


September 6, 2016 by Chris Kite

Donald Trump is good at a few things. He is an expert at being offensive. He excels at being racist. And he really knows how to stick his foot in his mouth and show his ignorance.

He decided to tweet about Hillary Clinton’s incompetence and dishonesty, as he so likes to do. And as is often the case, he got it wrong. Once again.

Trump tweeted, “Lyin’ Hillary Clinton told the FBI that she did not know the “C” markings on documents stood for CLASSIFIED. How can this be happening?”

Well, actually, Donald, how does a self professed honest best candidate for President ever not know that the C does NOT stand for classified? It stands for confidential. Which is the lowest level of classified information. It is lower than “Secret” and “Top Secret.”

But it doesn’t stop there. What Trump also missed is that the official and proper way to mark an e-mail as Classified, Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret is to put that notice in the header. It seems pretty obvious why that would be. You don’t want someone to have to read an e-mail to determine if it is sensitive or not.

So these e-mails that Trump is referring to were sent by others in the State Department to Hillary Clinton. They were not properly marked. And they were not considered Secret or Top Secret.

It makes you wonder how Donald Trump thinks he could possibly be qualified to be President. And of course, the answer is, he is not in the least bit qualified!

2 thoughts on “Trump The Idiot. Again!

  1. He is a dynamic leader who has a few gonads (something sorely needed in American Leadership) … he is not bought and paid for by Wall Street or the Establishment …He is the most qualified and the most needed candidate among all of them.


    • skokielib says:

      I would call his “leadership” style more erratic than dynamic, but I supposed that is a nice positive spin to call a lunatic dynamic. It is true that he is not bought and paid for by Wall Street, but it appears there is a high probability that he is “owned” by foreign countries.

      As far as qualifications, he has none. He is a reality TV star. His businesses have not been terribly successful and have a very high rate of failure. He has zero government experience and in many comments he has made appears to have no understanding of the US Constitution, the world of allies and enemies, or how government actually works. It might be nice to think someone like Trump is going to come in and suddenly change everything, but it simply doesn’t work that way. In order to make changes you have to stay within the frame of the Constitution. That requires laws written and passed by lawmakers. He has shown little ability to earn the trust of the very people he would need to work with.

      At the end of the day, it is pretty much all a moot point because his complete lack of discipline, his lack of knowledge, his campaign constantly being in crisis because of things he has said (most recent being he sexually assaulted women because he was rich and could do whatever he wants) have pretty much insured he has no chance of winning. His poll numbers are crashing. He has record low support from women and minorities.

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