WTF is going on in OK? Racism amok.

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September 20, 2016 by Jan Stone

Why isn’t Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby sitting in a jail cell? There’s dashcam and helicopter video and audio of Terence Crutcher being shot and killed last Friday as he’s following the officer’s command to walk with his hands up toward a car to lean against it.

Tulsa’s police chief, Chuck Jordan, said at a news conference Monday that Mr. Crutcher was unarmed and did not have a weapon in his vehicle. Shane Tuell, a police spokesman, said Officer Shelby gave a statement to homicide detectives on Monday morning.

His crime? Not being born white. Her penalty: paid administrative leave.

Paid administrative leave? Only in cop world can a white racist with a police uniform  kill a black man and get away with it—just like any number of police officers across the country whose brilliant police work is based on judging others  by the color of their skin and rarely suffer the consequences for their rabid discrimination in killing black people or turning them into felons because. they. can.

It was “feelings” that led to this murder. Talk about intelligent police work.

“I got a feeling that’s about to happen,” [referencing Taser use] said the first officer, identified by Mr. Wood as Officer Shelby’s husband, Dave Shelby. “That looks like a bad dude, too,” the second officer said. Mr. Crutcher was shot moments later, and the helicopter camera captured footage of him sprawled on the pavement, his shirt stained with blood.

I’m so tired of institutionalized racism, and I’m bored and unimpressed by the excuses police officers use. Seriously, aside from belong in a jail cell, isn’t she clearly unqualified to be a police officer. What would be a wimpier response?

While the presidential election insanity continues, so does the culture among police officers that makes it clear because they wear a uniform and carry a gun they deserve our respect. Anyone who thinks things are changing are being duped. Certainly nothing is changing in Chicago, regardless of what is being said.

It’s my experience that state by state, people entrusted to serve and protect aren’t capable or willing, unless they’re serving and protecting white people. And not just any white people, only ones with homes and jobs.

How can our country come to any agreement to compromise and work together for the greater good? I’m certainly not sure anymore. Especially when police mentality is part of the problem and they remain seemingly totally disinterested in being part of any solution.

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