Trump Is Wrong On NAFTA, Jobs, And China Devaluing Its Currency

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September 28, 2016 by Chris Kite

As is often the case, Donald Trump did not know what he was talking about when he talked about how horrible NAFTA was, that jobs are leaving our country, or that China is devaluing its currency.

Trump should stick to what he knows best. Being an egotistical bully. Because that is about the only area where Trump really excels, so to speak.

Experts across the political divide tend to agree that the impact of NAFTA on the US economy and on jobs was pretty insignificant. It wasn’t great. But it also wasn’t bad. Donald Trump thinks differently. But he has never referred to any specific facts or expert opinions that agree with him. The US was losing manufacturing jobs long before NAFTA. In a global economy, with businesses building and selling their goods all over the world, low skill, high volume manufacturing is going to chase cheap labor. Originally, manufacturers chased cheap labor in the US, moving manufacturing to the south. But as is always the case, there is always someplace to go that is cheaper. So manufacturing has moved to Japan (which then became expensive), Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, China, India, and every other nation where people will work for a fraction of the wages that Americans are willing to take. Donald Trump is not going to bring low skill manufacturing jobs back to the United States. Neither is anyone else!

When Trump talks about jobs leaving the country, he is once again dead wrong. We’ve had jobs growth in this country for 78 straight months. Job GROWTH. This is the single longest jobs growth streak in the history of the United States. Jobs are not leaving this country. But the type of jobs have changed over time. And again, this has always been the case. We’ve migrated from agriculture to manufacturing to service. Donald Trump is not going to change this and neither is anyone else!

Finally, Donald Trump likes to talk about how horrible China is. China and Mexico are evil villains in Trump’s world. But Trump’s world is not one that is based in reality. China has not been devaluing their currency. They have been propping it up to keep investors from fleeing.

Donald Trump is a know nothing bully. He doesn’t know what he is talking about most of the time and just tries to make his case by talking louder and talking over other people.

How is Trump going to “make the country great again” when he doesn’t even have a grasp on the issues?

Donald Trump is unfit to be President of the United States of America.

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