About Your Supporting Trump Because Clinton is Liar


October 12, 2016 by Chris Kite

I’ve basically seen three “excuses” from people that are supporting Trump. They don’t want to lose their guns. Or they don’t like Clinton because she has people killed, is a liar, provided favors for foreign donors to The Clinton Foundation, and brutally attacked the women that Bill Clinton sexually abused. Or they think Clinton is a liar and Trump would be more honest.

On the first “reasoning,” the crazy right wing gun nuts have been arguing for decades the Democrats are going to take their guns. They’ve never made any kind of move to do that. They haven’t proposed legislation that would do that. And pretty much every Democrat says they believe that people have a right to own guns but that we need things like universal background checks and limitations on what types of guns people can own. So if that is your reason, you are paranoid and delusional.

The second excuse is much the same. If this is your thinking, you clearly aren’t interested in facts or reality. You’re just making excuses and trying to rationalize an unjustifiable position by believing silly conspiracy theories.

On the third excuse, you clearly aren’t paying attention. Every reasonable media outlet has detailed Donald Trump’s lies. Unlike Hillary Clinton and virtually every other politician that tells garden variety political lies and when caught, says their sorry and it was a mistake, Donald Trump doubles down on his lies. Despite irrefutable evidence such as his own tweets, audio clips, and video clips, Trump continues to say he never said the things he was caught saying. This isn’t just lying. This is well beyond normal human behavior. Here is a New York Times piece that itemizes his biggest lies in Sunday night’s debate.

3 thoughts on “About Your Supporting Trump Because Clinton is Liar

  1. Jan Stone says:

    Do you not understand that the refugees from Syria are like your neighbors? They are homeless because of a war originally started by the Bush/Cheney war machine? The biggest change would be you opening your mind and reading the facts.


  2. There is more to be concerned about Hillary with than lies. There is the known record of reaction to crisis under fire as in the “Benghazi” event, there is her published willingness to take guns off the streets, there is her willingness to flood the country with thousands more refugees when the government has already stated it cannot vet them properly — I sense a little bit of carelessness all down the line with this candidate not to mention that she seems to adore Obama and his “If you want to keep yoiu doctor you can keep your doctor” mentality. Time for a change if you ask me.


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