Trump Repeats Russian Propaganda

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October 13, 2016 by skokielib

In a recent speech, Donald Trump used a supposed leaked e-mail, one which only received media attention from Russian propaganda/news agency Sputniknews and a few alt-right web sites, about how “Clinton confidant” Sidney Blumenthal wrote that Benghazi was preventable.

But as with so many things Donald Trump says, it is false. The e-mail in question was actually a reference to a Newsweek article. It was not the smoking gun it was reputed to be. It was an e-mail discussing a Newsweek article that critized the GOP for politicizing Benghazi and wasting taxpayer money. But the “leaked e-mail” pulled out a few choice sentence fragments that when taken out of context, appear to show that Clinton’s camp was saying that the investigation into Benghazi was legitimate and that they could have prevented the attack from happening. Which of course they never said because it isn’t true. So once again, the right is inventing information to fit its Benghazi conspiracy theory in an effort to try to put their person into power.

What is far more troubling is that Donald Trump is repeating Russian propaganda. And that right wing voters are going to believe this garbage.

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