Donald Trump The Sexual Predator

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October 17, 2016 by Chris Kite

The world pretended to be shocked when the video and audio of Donald Trump bragging about forcing himself on women came out. So Donald, being a pathological liar and ego maniac, did what everyone expected him to do. He denied ever having actually done it and claimed it was just locker room talk. As if anyone in a locker room ever really talks about sexually assaulting women. At least not in locker rooms I’ve been in.

And then he went on the offensive bringing up allegations about Bill Clinton. Because apparently, Donald Trump is so delusional that he thinks he is running against BILL Clinton, not HILLARY Clinton.

Not to get into long discussions about Bill Clinton’s escapades and womanizing. While only one litigant was successful against him, and even in that one no guilt was proven or admitted, it seems pretty clear when multiple allegations come out against someone, they were probably guilty. Maybe not from a legal standpoint, but when there is that much smoke . . . .

So now we have Donald Trump in 2016 with multiple recordings of him making statements that make it pretty clear that he doesn’t respect a woman’s right to say no and feels he is entitled to do whatever he wants because he is rich and famous. There is the tape of him saying he kisses women and grabs their genitals because he can get away with it. There is the tape of him saying that he owns the pageants so he just walks into the dressing rooms when men aren’t allowed because the girls and women are getting dressed. And there is the tape where he talks to a 10 year old girl and then comments that he’ll be dating her in 10 years. Those are all disgusting and upsetting to anyone that has any respect for women and girls.

Now combine it with all the people that have recently come forward and you have the picture of a pervert and sexual predator. Multiple women have come forward and talked about specific instances where Trump kissed them, grabbed their breasts, or worse. Women have come forward and said he would walk into the dressing rooms when they were in their underwear or naked. And women have come forward that said he had walked into their dressing room when they were 15 years old. This is beyond creepy. This is the portrait of a sexual predator!

Donald Trump being Donald Trump now comes out and says none of these allegations has a shred of truth to them. He tells us they are all politically motivated stunts. Meanwhile, he keeps bringing up the women that have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault.

So which is it, Donald? How can it be that the women making claims against Bill Clinton somehow disqualify Hillary Clinton while the women that make claims about you are just lying?

Donald Trump is unfit to be President of the United States of America

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