The Things They Believe!

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October 19, 2016 by Chris Kite

Trump and his quite a few of his supporters are just a few fries short of a happy meal when you think about the things they believe. I guess it shouldn’t be that surprising given that for years now the far right has been spinning outrageous lies to try to frighten their base.

Trump denies that he’s ever made unwanted advances on any women. Even through a significant number of women have come forward and claimed that Donald Trump touched, kissed, groped them over a number of years, Trump says they are all part of a Clinton led conspiracy to try to taint his reputation. Even though Donald Trump was recorded talking about he can kiss women and grab their genitals and they do nothing about because he is rich and famous, he denies ever making these advances. So Trump and his conspiracy loving supporters find it much easier to believe that all of these women are out to get him and are only coming forward because the Clinton led media is doing this. Yeah, right!

Trump keeps telling his supporters that Hillary Clinton is going to get rid of the second amendment and take away their guns. This is the same thing the right has been saying about Obama for eight years now. Never mind that President Obama hasn’t made a single move to take away anyone’s guns. Never mind that a President cannot get rid of a constitutional amendment. Never mind that Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, and other Democrats all say that what they want is universal background checks and to keep people that shouldn’t have guns from buying them. Like people on the “no-fly list.” Like people convicted of domestic violence. But Trump and his conspiracy loving supporters find it much easier to believe that Hillary Clinton is going to get rid of the second amendment and come takeaway their guns. Yeah, right!

Republicans have spent almost $7M investigating the Benghazi embassy attacks and more specifically, Hillary Clinton and have had numerous investigations, they’ve never found any wrong doing by Clinton. There were no orders to stand down. There were no cover ups. There were no conspiracies. It was tragic. It was a failure of government to adequately protect our diplomatic people, but there was nothing criminal or negligent in the actions leading up to or during the attack. Republicans spent two years investigating Clinton and had to finally admit that she did nothing wrong. But Trump and his supporters prefer to believe that it was all Hillary Clinton’s fault, that she could have sent the military in the stop it, and that she covered it up. Yeah, Right.

Trump keeps telling his supporters that Hillary Clinton should be in jail for using a private e-mail server. There were no laws that she broke. She did not leak any classified information. She did not intentionally send any confidential information from or through her private server. The FBI investigated her and found that while she make reckless mistakes, there were no criminal actions and there would be no charges. FBI Director James Come is no fan of Hillary Clinton and broke with protocol by holding a press conference to announce his findings. Most suspect he did this in an effort to embarrass and tarnish Hillary Clinton. He tried his best to find something to charge her with, but could dig up nothing. But Trump and his supporters prefer to believe that there was some vast cover up and that she is guilty as charged (even though there haven’t even been any charges) and should be in jail. Yeah, right!

Donald Trump has alienated just about every group in American outside of white straight Christian males. He has denigrated hispanics, blacks, women, the disabled, the LBGT community, POWs, blue star families, veterans with PTSD, and just about everyone else. He has not spent any time preparing for debates. He has not developed any detailed plans for running the country and has not bothered to get help developing plans. When his personal shortcomings have been addressed by the media or his opponents, he has obsessed about these attacks. When Hillary Clinton brought up the way he treated a former Miss Universe, calling her fat, and personally denigrating her, rather than apologize and move on, Trump spent more than a week talking about how fat this women was. As you might expect with someone that does these types of things, Trump is not polling very well. Polls are almost universal in showing him well behind Clinton in national popular vote, and in the electoral college. But Donald Trump and his supporters tel us he is doing very well and that it is all a media conspiracy to make him lose the election. Yeah, right!

Donald Trump has repeatedly been caught lying. Not just a few times and not just on little things. He tells big lies, he gets caught, and then he proudly denies the lies he has told. He says he didn’t support going into Iraq, even though there is solid evidence that he did. He tweets things and then says he never said them. Even though the tweets are there in black and white for everyone to see. He makes claims that he is doing very well with Hispanic and black voters, despite solid polling data that shows he has extraordinarily low support. He keeps saying it. He tells us when he met with the President of Mexico they didn’t discuss who would pay for the wall when the President actually told Trump to his face that Mexico would not pay. But all of these facts aren’t really facts. These so called facts are just Clinton controlled media lies to try to steal the election for her. Yeah, right!

Donald Trump and a good portion of his supporters are seriously delusional.

The Things They Believe!

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