Serious Trump Supporter?—Then Own It All


October 27, 2016 by Jan Stone

A New York Times headline today says, “Some Donald Trump Voters Warn of Revolution if Hillary Clinton Wins.” You can find it here:

Threats of riots, violence—the typical Trump rally activity but conducted nationwide—is apparently what that means. So, along with being really poor losers, can you at least have the courage to admit you’re one or all of the following:

  • racist
  • misogynist
  • bigot
  • intolerant
  • un-American

The last one might be tough to swallow, but in every election there’s a winner and a loser and that’s the American way. We choose and if we lose, we compromise. Unless you’re one of the new GOP crew, those with the tolerance of a gnat who think only white men belong not only in power but our only country’s only citizens. White women are, of course, acceptable for reasons Trump has said aloud and I find too disgusting to repeat.

Trying to make Hillary’s emails or Benghazi any bigger than they are is testimony to how little a Trump supporter has to complain about. And they’re irrelevant because a Trump supporter is all those things I mentioned above, and Hillary’s imperfections are clearly insignificant to him or you.

By the way, Trump doesn’t care about you, and he won’t do anything he promises. He’ll raise your taxes, not his; he’ll send you or your kids or grandkids to war just because; he’ll let you keep all your guns and his anger and bullying will cause more hate and death; he’ll take away healthcare for thousands based on his infamous lies and misinformation and God forbid you ever get into a situation when you don’t have a job and can’t get healthcare.

He doesn’t care about this country’s abhorrent minimum wage; he could care less about what’s going on in urban schools and in inner cities. He’ll rip you off just as he has hundreds of his own contractors.

If all of this is okay with you, then you’ll get what you deserve if he wins. Along with the hate and anger.  But don’t act like America is your country — you’re better suited for Hitler’s Germany.

Go ahead and vote Trump but if he does win, don’t you dare have the audacity to wave American flags and brag about being a patriot because you couldn’t be further from one. What makes you happy is the definition of un-American. At least man up and own it.

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