The Affordable Care Act is Affordable: do a little homework


October 28, 2016 by Jan Stone

There are increases in healthcare this year—surprise! Like this doesn’t happen every year, whether the Affordable Care Act is in place or not. Our health insurance companies are very greedy, and they have powerful lobbyists.

But the constant yammering from Chump on the huge increases in Obamacare is, of course, hyperbole. It’s a big word for a lot of Trump supporters so let me help: he’s exaggerating when he’s not outright lying.

There’s a strange irony that so many who need healthcare assistance are Trump supporters. Elect him and then let’s talk about how great your insurance options become.

In the meantime, The Guardian covers the increase in an article. The link is below. But here’s a paragraph that sums it up:

With subsidies and tax credits, 72% of people who buy insurance on the marketplace would be able to find plans with a premium of less than $75 a month, according to a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) report released this week. And up to 2.5 million people may be eligible for a subsidy but don’t know it, according to HHS.

Rather than spending endless hours complaining and listening to that guy, how about spending a few doing a little homework to see if you qualify for subsidies and tax credits?

You might even want to talk to some people who rely on the healthcare and ask them if there were better options before the legislation was enacted. Then you can resume listening to your candidate, who doesn’t pay taxes, rips off his contractors, gets reimbursed by the government for holding his campaign events on his properties and hates everyone who doesn’t agree with him.

One thought on “The Affordable Care Act is Affordable: do a little homework

  1. skokielib says:

    Every time I see the complaints I wonder what these folks were all looking at for the last twenty years! My work provided premiums and deductibles have been going up every year. Well that’s not completely true. Some years the premium didn’t go up but deductibles and out of pocket have.

    Meanwhile, my dental insurance deductible doubled this year. That’s a 100% increase. Thanks Obamacare!

    Wait. What? Dental isn’t part of Obamacare? Oh come on! There goes the liberal media lying again.

    There’s a solution. . . Single payer!

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