Innocent Until Proven Guilty – For Those Not Named Clinton

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October 29, 2016 by Chris Kite

Republicans are at it again. They have been trying to find dirt on the Clintons for decades. Literally for decades! They never find anything. Other than the horrifying crime that Bill Clinton committed by lying to cover up an affair.

But that doesn’t stop Republicans. They continue to investigate every time Hillary Clinton so much as sneezes. They waste taxpayer money time and time again and they try very hard to distract the public with accusations and innuendo that hint at wrong doing, even when nothing is found.

This latest stunt is no different. FBI head James Comey went against Justice Department protocol and did his best to try to influence the election. He released a letter that says he has no idea if e-mails he is having his agency investigate are “significant.”

And as always, Republicans, especially renowned legal expert Donald Trump, are declaring this to be proof that Clinton is a criminal.

Here is what we know:

  • The e-mails are not from Hillary Clinton.
  • The e-mails are not to Hillary Clinton.
  • The e-mails are not from Hillary Clinton’s private server.

Meanwhile Donald Trump is telling us that this is it. This is the big news that sinks Hillary Clinton.

There is no news. It was a publicity stunt by FBI Director Comey. It is being seized upon, as Comey fully new would happen, by Republicans as more evidence of Clinton’s guilt. Just like Benghazi. Just like the last e-mail investigation.

It never, ever ends!

In the meantime, Trump’s lawyers are preparing for the civil suit tied to allegations of him raping a 13 year old and the fraud suit against his Trump University.

But yes, by all means, let’s focus on Hillary Clinton’s e-mails! Oh wait. That’s right. They aren’t even Clinton’s e-mails!

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