Trump, Russia, Our Allies, and Other Scary Stuff

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November 5, 2016 by skokielib

This article is positively chilling!

It details accounts of Russia working to influence our Presidential election in order to put a naive and very pro-Russia Trump into the role of commander and chief. It isn’t hard to understand why Russia should be so against Clinton and so for Trump. After all, Trump has publicly admired Russia’s Putin and his kill your competitors, control the media, and rule much like a dictator approach. Trump has publicly stated that the NATO Treaty isn’t worth upholding if it isn’t financially in America’s favor. He completely misses the financial ramifications of an unstable, war torn Europe.

Trump has shown time and again that he has virtually no understanding of the threats and risks America faces from those that aren’t Muslim, Mexican, or possibly overweight Miss Universe winners. He doesn’t grasp basic foreign policy, the military, or our intelligence and foreign service importance.

Think of the benefit to Russia as Trump clears out all the experienced and knowledgeable military and intelligence leaders to replace them with those that agree with his naive and overly simplistic world view where people of the Muslim faith are not only a threat to our country, but essentially our only threat. Russia’s intelligence is clearly interested in a pro-Putin, pro-Assad President that doesn’t see the threat of an expanding and threatening Russia.

While some in America are worried about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and locking her up over a wrongly perceived issue, I find the prospect of a country being run by a guy that Putin sees as a good opportunity to get away with more of his empire expanding a much more frightening prospect!

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