The GOP Has A Master Plan

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January 20, 2017 by Chris Kite

The GOP knows what it is doing. It is working directly for big business to try to destroy the government that has traditionally worked to protect the people.

Big business doesn’t like the EPA, Department of Labor, or many of the other functions of government that were created to reel in industry that was destroying the environment and literally working people to death. These organizations were created specifically because business was not looking out for citizens. Nothing has changed.

Make no mistake. Big business in America is not hurting for profits. They are always looking for more. Especially in an era of enormous executive paychecks that are inflated even more when company stock gains. Even if it is only a short term temporary gain.

Republicans are working hard to lower taxes, but not for most of us. They don’t care about us. They care about keeping their jobs. And the best way to keep their jobs is to keep their corporate sponsors happy. They can do that by cutting regulation, and cutting corporate taxes, and reducing taxes for the rich.

These moves have nothing to do with job creation. They have nothing to do with creating jobs that pay well. In fact, Republicans are fighting for just the opposite. They want companies to be able to pay workers less. In their world, working a full time job isn’t enough to have a reasonable standard of living. But that is okay for them. Because the rich will get richer and work harder to keep them in office.

Republicans have long been working to weaken government and roll back the rules that protect the public. If drinking water isn’t safe, that’s perfect. Because they have sponsors that want to sell you “safe” bottled water. If they can pollute the air, it means bigger bonuses for the executives. And the need for more medicine and medical care to treat the problems caused by the pollution.

Republicans think they are fooling us, but we cannot fall for their scam.

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