Unprecedented Level Of Scandal In Trump Administration

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February 12, 2017 by Chris Kite

The Republican Administration has been mired in controversy and scandal since before he took office. Actually, to those that were paying attention, he was mired in controversy and scandal even during the election.

There are a wide variety of issues from conflict of interest, to outside influence of the election itself. The scandals run from previously unseen levels of unqualified cabinet nominations to cabinet picks being involved in inappropriate foreign government contact.

The inappropriate foreign contact by National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is the most troubling. I’ve provided links to two stories that appear quite incriminating in regards to Flynn’s contacts with Russia during the election and prior to Trump taking office.

It doesn’t appear that either of these are going to easily go away, no matter how much Trump tweets “FAKE NEWS” and tries to distract the media and American public with outrageous e-mails.

It appears that Flynn spoke directly with Russian authorities about the sanctions President Obama introduced as punishment for Russia’s role in interfering with the November election. It also appears Flynn was having communications with Russian authorities during the time of the interference. And Flynn may have been a conduit of misinformation that was meant to directly influence the election by tainting Hillary Clinton.

This would be bad news to any Presidential Administration at any time. But three weeks into a brand new Administration is unprecedented. It is hard to imagine that this doesn’t indicate big problems going forward for Flynn and for the Trump Administration. It is indicative of the lack of preparation, vetting, and care in picking cabinet members and developing plans and policies. Unlike most previous Presidents, Trump seems to fly by the seat of his pants and call the shots without much input from those that are most knowledgable on the subject.

Who knows where this will lead. But I would bet that this is going to cause quite a few problems for the Administration and not just fade away. This could cause trouble for Republicans for years to come as the scandal sticks with the party that has so far not been willing to stand up to any of his outrageous cabinet picks or his careless policy moves.

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