Does POTUS Really Care About the USA?

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February 15, 2017 by Jan Stone

We know he cares about the top one percent, aka the radical white republicans in suits who get to continue avoiding taxes, be lap dogs to the NRA and have no flippin’ idea about what’s happening to the other 99 percent of the country, nor do they care.

Admittedly, some of that 99 percent still stand by the President. Despite lie after lie, dissing every department in our government, appointing a labor secretary who doesn’t like the workers, insulting previous presidents, suggesting our country is not great. Got out of serving our country with a fake bone spur. Kellyanne Conway alone isn’t scary enough for you? I may never understand.

But the President doesn’t really care about our country’s fundamental values. Want to mess with labor. It’s happened before and we now have unions. The GOP would love to bust them, but how about those Republicans who are in unions? No problem? It’s ok that  hypocrisy is part of ourAmerica?

Want to collude with the Russians? This will be real interesting to watch play out. I think it ends with a chapter titled, “Impeachment.”


Care about the environment? He’s got Exxon running the EPA to dismantle it. The Education Secretary is laughable with her lack of experience, but what does a pampered prep boy whose daddy launched him know about public schools.

So we have a President who doesn’t put experienced people in cabinet positions–doesn’t even have a West Wing with any political background. He reverses every important promise he made to his mere subjects. Can’t you almost see it in his expression: “Did you guys really believe me?” His key advisor isn’t only a domestic abuser, he’s a bully and to the right of Attila the Hun.

So, tell me. What does this President like about America? A land of immigrants and he wants to get rid of them. Religion freedom and he’s for religious testing. Support for the truly disadvantaged — what did they have to loose? The little they have left if he has anything to do with it. Women’s rights? The too-much-government President feels it appropriate to govern a woman’s uterus. Sounds more like micro-management government to me.The First amendment–he calls credible news organizations fake news. That’s mature. A terrible reflection on our country. An insult to our Constitution.

I don’t get it. What legitimate American values does Trump have?

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