Donald Trump Lie Of The Day

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February 28, 2017 by skokielib

When talking about the replacement for Obamacare, Republican President Donald Trump said, “It’s an unbelievably complex subject. Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.”

I’m not sure if that is a lie, or just is complete and utter ignorance. But given his record on lying so far, I’m going to go with calling it a lie. I would certainly believe that he didn’t know it was complicated. But there are assuredly plenty of people in his cabinet and in congress that knew that.

If you recall, back when the Affordable Care Act was written, one of the chief complaints among Republicans and Tea Party types was that the bill was over 2,000 pages long and was overly complex. The explanation, provided by Democrats and the media, was that healthcare is a highly complex subject, and therefore it required a large bill to comprehensively deal with the issues.

We’ve already seen what can happen when a President overly simplifies things and tries to make a simple rule. We had the disastrous Muslim travel ban a few weeks ago. It was a disaster because it is a complex subject and they rushed through ban that didn’t involve the proper departments and didn’t bother to address many of the potential issues.

Healthcare is complex. Anyone that has ever had a doctor visit or procedure and tried to deal with an insurance company knows this. I’m sure our President has always had people to deal with that for him. But that is know excuse.

He is lying.

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