Never Ending Trump Russian Scandal

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March 5, 2017 by skokielib

It is telling that the Obama Administration did not have faith that when Donald Trump became President, his administration would preserve the intelligence involving Russian interference in our election, let alone investigate it.

This scandal keeps growing and it is truly, deeply concerning. From the President’s unknown business ties to Russia, to the multiple people believed to have communicated with Russia during and just after the election, to now two Trump Administration cabinet members lying about their contact with Russian officials during the election and leading up to inauguration, there is very good reason to be deeply suspicious and worried.

This administration has been deceitful about Russian interference, contacts, and business ties for a very long time now. The President has refused to release his taxes. He denied any Russian involvement in the election until the evidence became too overwhelmingly public to deny. And so far two members of his cabinet have been caught covering up communications with Russia. These aren’t things people with nothing to hide do!

We need a full and independent investigation and we need it now.

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