Happy July 4!?


July 4, 2017 by Jan Stone

I’ve always appreciated this holiday — I’m a baby boomer and grew up in a neighborhood of men who did outrageously brave things like storm Normandy, survive the Battle of the Bulge and cross the Pacific for their country. Not that they talked about it, but the mom’s did.

On every 4th, we had parades and parties, and it was clear every adult was grateful to be there—in one piece, with a new family, a job, a huge Chevy. People were happy and proud with good reason.

Decked in red, white and blue celebrating a 4th where we were all proud.

Fast forward 50 years.

Today’s New York Times headline is, “North Korea says it successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. Experts say it could be capable of hitting Alaska.” The word “expert” is particularly bothersome. I believe the New York Times.

In the meantime, the man elected POTUS by gerrymandering and very little of the popular vote is in New Jersey where another former candidate chose to close the beaches on July 4 to save money. But that governor says he’s entitled to be on it. Trump’s boy—Chris Christie.

And when the government came knocking on Trump’s door so he could be a patriot and fight for his country in future battles, he found a doctor to come up with a random bone spur in one of his feet. He can’t remember which one.

I could list dozens of other reasons why this is scary. And why the Fourth of July just isn’t the same this year. But if you’re reading this blog, I’m sure you get the point.

Now I have grown children and grandchildren, and I want nothing more than to leave them with a healthy country and a safe world where they can do the tremendous work some of them have already begun — working with refugees, helping kids, modeling the character of the next generation of those who truly love our country.

Still, enjoy today. But we need you to use your tomorrows to help our country rid itself of its mentally ill president. Why his wife and daughter aren’t mortified and haven’t had him hospitalized is beyond my comprehension. If they loved him, they’d save him and our country’s pride.

Make noise. Wave placards. March. This country is great in large part not only because of my dad, my brother and the other men and women of the past and today’s Armed Services, but emphatic citizens who want a country that allows everyone to be the best they can be. Enough entitlement for the current administration. They’re harming our country physically and emotionally for their own gain.

That’s not why we celebrate this holiday.


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