Trump Administration Continues To Try To Hide Global Climate Change

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July 22, 2017 by Chris Kite

The Trump Administration is full of climate deniers. The President, and many other Republicans, have done an excellent job of surrounding themselves with people with no scientific background that think they know better than climate scientists. Their ignorance is typical of the President and his staff. They frown upon highly qualified individuals and prefer to staff their administration and departments with devoted Trump supporters, rather than people that have a background in the job they have been chosen for. They are dead set against those that have education and experience in a given field.

IMG_0515 Grinnell Glacier. Glacier National Park. August 2011

The administration has gone out of its way to eliminate references to climate change and has gone so far as to reassign scientists to other roles. These roles have nothing to do with their previous assignments or their field of expertise. It is an overly obvious strategy of being openly hostile to those that understand climate change and immediately discounting anything they have to say.

When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently visited Glacier National Park, a park that is a showcase not only for what is great about our National Park System, but also a living billboard for the dramatic impact of climate change, the administration pulled the park chief and another climate expert from Zuckerberg’s tour. This is yet another obvious attempt to try to cover up all things climate change. It is as if the Trump Administration believes that if you just say it isn’t happening, it will go away.

The goal was obviously to try to minimize attention to climate change and to try to stop the message from getting out. So, I feel it is our duty to make sure we help spread the message.

Climate change is real. It is manmade. It is causing irreparable harm to our environment, our planet, and our economy. Pretending it doesn’t exist is not a solution. Dealing with the sources of climate changing greenhouse gasses is the solution.

I’ve personally witnessed the changes at Glacier National Park. I hiked to Grinnell Glacier in 1988 and again in 2010. The difference in the size of the glacier was astounding! The reduction in the number of glaciers and the size of those remaining glaciers is a wake up call to climate deniers. We should not be trying to hide the facts, but instead, we should be proactively dealing with the issue.

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