Wait. What? Puerto Rico is part of the US?


September 29, 2017 by Jan Stone

I’m not good in math or science or geography. I admit what I don’t know. But, I do know Puerto Rico is part of the United States. The question is: who convinced Trump and when did the administration figure out Trump had no flipping idea that it is a US territory.

It had to be recent. For two weeks, Puerto Ricans have suffered while those in Texas and Florida got government responses immediately. Hmmm. What’s the difference?

  1. The citizens are brown and the government owes a lot of money. Is that an acceptable excuse for Trump and his disciples? Those who didn’t have the random great luck of being born white in the contiguous United States suffer mightily under this megalomaniac.
  2. He already traveled to Texas and Florida. Who’s going to handle White House business like, um, the firing of the HHS Secretary for using millions of taxpayer dollars to fly around the globe white trying to eviscerate the Affordable Care Act?
  3. It’s football season and he’s a fan. Ha! I doubt it. It’s football season and he’s got a problem with black men making money and protesting the obscene treatment of black citizens in this country. The players kneel at the National Anthem to non-violently protest the fact that Black Lives Matter. Denier? Fine, maybe you’re not as smart as I’ve given you credit. But if you think those players’ actions have anything to do with disrespecting the flag, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.
  4. He’s too busy pushing an obscene tax reform that increases taxes on the poor and middle class and decreases upper income levels to 20% from 35%. “The greatest budget America has ever seen.” Not for anyone I know.


Here’s the rest of the story reported by Rachel Maddow about the humanitarian disaster in Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico is an Island Surrounded by Big Water

You know, of course, that’s one of hundreds of incredulous acts lies perpetrated under this joke of an administration.

I know, I know, what can us little people do about it? Since we’ve never seen Trump’s taxes, I don’t think we should have to pay taxes come April 15. Let’s call it a modern-day Civil War, where the patriots hit Trump in the wallet. Because that’s all he really cares about, you must know by now.

4 thoughts on “Wait. What? Puerto Rico is part of the US?

  1. Steve Koble says:

    Trump is the best president in a long time!!!!!!!! If you can not represent our American flag and honor those who have fallen for our country and try to change history for the benefit of those whom do not understand history or maybe anything concentration camps, hitler, pearl harber, ect! Maybe you should get out to Canada or Mexico


    • Jan Stone says:

      If you cannot recognize the lies and hypocrisy this so-called President brings to our country, perhaps you should be a little more open-minded. His rant had nothing to do with the flag. In the meantime, Puerto Rican lives remained in danger and he golfed. If that’s okay with you, you, too, are part of the problem, not the solution.


  2. […] Source: Wait. What? Puerto Rico is part of the US? […]


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