It Is Time For The Adults To Step Up


October 8, 2017 by Chris Kite

President Trump is many things. He is a pathological liar. He is a sexually assaulting bully. He is a narcissist. And he is very, very dangerous.

This morning he went on a childish Twitter rant about Senator Bob Corker. For the past few days he has been “teasing” about the calm before storm – implying that some big military action is coming. He is working hard to sabotage Obamacare and he is doing everything within his power to destroy the environment.

But it is his control of the military and his complete lack of understanding of diplomacy and national security that is so dangerous for our country. He is implying that he is going to end the Iran nuclear deal. He is also implying there could be military action against Iran. He claims Iran is not following the agreement. Our European allies strongly disagree and have stated that don’t intend to end the agreement. Which means that if we end it, and we impose new sanctions on Iran, we will, by extension, be applying sanctions to our European allies that trade with Iran. I would imagine that the far right hardliners in Iran are saying, “See. We told you that the Americans cannot be trusted. We should have stuck with our nuclear weapons program because it is the only way to insure security.”

His constant childish comments about North Korea and its leader are destabilizing and unhelpful. He is undermining the Secretary of State’s efforts to peacefully resolve an incredibly dangerous situation. He is putting us on a war footing with a nuclear power. He seems to fail to understand that while the United States does possess the ability to “wipe North Korea off the map,” North Korea would retaliate and would like kill millions of people in the region in the process.

The Republicans in Congress and the Senate need to stand up to the President. It is time to invoke the 25th amendment and start the process of removing an unfit President from office.

Before he starts a nuclear war!

One thought on “It Is Time For The Adults To Step Up

  1. Jan Stone says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I’ve long wondered why — no matter that she’s his daughter — how or why Ivanka can watch his father virtually implode in front of their eyes. Perhaps she’s not very smart either, or equally complacent. Still, considering his sons are stooges, I simply cannot understand why she hasn’t had her father hospitalized. Whether he ever speaks to her or not, he is seriously mentally unstable and if she really loved him, she’d get him the help he needs.


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