A Week Of Sociopathic Behavior

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October 14, 2017 by Chris Kite

Republican President Donald Trump continues to fail even the most basic elements of running the country. Or, even being a decent human being.

This week’s accomplishments included:

Threatening Puerto Rico
Threatening Puerto Rico with the withdrawal of federal efforts to restore the territory after the brutal devastation. The disaster stricken citizens of Puerto Rico are suffering horribly and weeks after category 4 hurricane Maria decimated the country.

At least 45 people are dead, and many believe these numbers are dramatically underreported. 90% of the residents still have no electricity. And only 60% have water for drinking, bathing, and sanitation. There have been reports of people contracting leptospirosis from drinking unclean water.

There is definitely something dramatically wrong when the President of the United States threatens to withdraw federal support for millions of American citizens suffering after a major devastating hurricane.

Holding Millions Hostage To Get His Agenda Passed
Trump has shown an inability to work with anyone in Washington. He cannot get his own party to enact his agenda, mostly because of the extremist nature he promotes. But he has also shown a basic inability to lead, to understand the legislative process, or to provide constructive help in passing legislation. His primary approach is to belittle, threaten, and attack anyone that doesn’t bend to his will.

He has not been able to get Obamacare repealed, get funding for his wall, or implement his “tax reform.” So this week he announced that he would withhold the insurance company subsidies that have helped to keep healthcare premiums down for millions of lower income Americans. He calls these subsidies bailouts of the insurance companies, even though Obamacare limits the profits of healthcare profits. The simplified explanation is that if insurance companies don’t spend at least 80% of the premiums on actual claims, they must provide rebates to policy holders. These so called bailouts don’t benefit the insurance companies. They benefit the very Americans that need affordable healthcare. All experts agree that the impact will be significant increases in insurance premiums for the next enrollment period.

He has publicly stated that Democrats need to work with him to get his border wall built if they want to solve these problems. He is literally holding affordable insurance for millions of Americans hostage in order to get his border wall funded. The wall he told us all through his campaign was going to be paid for by Mexico.

Backing Out Of The Iran Nuclear Deal
Our allies, Trump’s national security and defense team, and foreign policy experts around the world all agree that the Iran Nuclear Deal is working to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Make no mistake, Iran still threatens the instability of the middle east through it’s funding of militias and terrorists. But the goal of the nuclear deal was to stop the development of nuclear weapons. In diplomatic terms, it was a less than perfect agreement design to make the world a safer place by keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of an aggressive and dangerous state.

It is a very dangerous move that risks putting the United States in the position of not being a nation that can be trusted to honor treaties. It puts the entire world at much greater risk that Iran will return to developing nuclear weapons. And that would benefit no one!

Threatening To Revoke NBC’s FCC License
That the President dislikes the media, other than those loyal to him, is nothing new. But he took it to new levels this week by threatening the revoke NBC’s FCC license because of a series of stories about the disarray in the White House. Included in these stories was a report that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson muttered that Trump was a “f&@^ing moron.” Rex Tillerson went on the record to say that it is nonsense that the media focuses on these things. He said he respects the President and supports him. But, and this is key, he never denied saying it. Which would seem to indicate it is not “fake news” as the President likes to say.

This is the same President that loves to use the phrase “many say” for all of his unproven alternative facts that have been expertly refuted in so many ways. The Washington Post even has a detailed list of the over 1,300 lies the President has told in his first 263 days in office. These aren’t hallow claims. There is documentation on each and every lie.

There are certainly examples of the media getting stories wrong. When they do, retractions are issued and sometimes reporters lose jobs. These so called “fake news” stories are verified with multiple sources, even if they aren’t named. And the reason the sources aren’t named is because they realize that if they were named, the President would seek retribution against them.

This President is unfit to lead the country. He is mentally unstable and lacks even the most basic understanding of our constitution, our legislatively process, our friends, allies, & enemies, the economy, healthcare, or any of the major issues that face this country.


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