The Never Ending Voter Fraud Lie

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January 5, 2018 by Chris Kite

The Trump Administration recently disbanded the White House commission on voter fraud. As is typical with this administration, there was no warning and those on the commission were taken by surprise. It was never a real commission with any interest in uncovering voter fraud. That whole line of attack is really just an attempt to enact Republican voter suppression.

There have been a lot of liberals that have expressed joy at the disbanding of the team, but that may be misguided. It seems the Trump Administration is looking to use the Department of Homeland Security as their new voter suppression tool. Whether or not they take his direction is yet to be seen, but the thought of the Department of Homeland Security being brought in to investigate voter fraud that has never been an issue should be a very frightening prospect.

This is President Donald Trump at his worst. Using what he sees as his private army, a team that he believes should be 100% loyal to him without regard for the US Constitution, is something that strikes terror in my heart. This brings images of the worst fascist governments.

The big question I have is, how does this possibly fall within the realm of the Department of Homeland Security’s mission? Their mission statement, copied from their web page today, says,”

“Missions include preventing terrorism and enhancing security; managing our borders; administering immigration laws; securing cyberspace; and ensuring disaster resilience.”

This mission statement says nothing about election or election fraud. Nor does it imply anything to do with elections. I can only imagine that in the fantasy land that exists for paranoid right wingers, they have bought into the whole “illegal alien” voter myth. When they talk about voter fraud, paranoid right wing types often talk about several things. The three main fallacies I read about them embracing are illegal immigrant voters, people voting in the wrong district, and people voting in multiple districts. Of course none of these are a thing. But then when you live in a world where you think George Soros is paying literally millions of people to march against the President, you don’t even have one foot in the world of reality.

So while it may be heartening to have the “voter fraud commission” disbanded, I would not get too excited. The right is dead set on widespread voter suppression. Until they can ensure victory through a voting public that is all white, rural, and/or rich, they aren’t likely to slow their efforts to disenfranchise those that most need the government’s help.

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