Highly Disturbing Pro-Russian Actions By Republicans

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February 1, 2018 by Chris Kite

Remember when the Republican party used to tell us the Soviets/Russians posed a grave threat to the United States and the free world? In the past few years, they have suddenly turned into allies of Vladimir Putin and his attempt to destabilize and damage democracy in the free world. The way the current Republican party has disintegrated is beyond disturbing. Consider these facts:
  • The Russians meddled in the 2016 election. All US intelligence agencies have said this. Most members of both houses of congress agree with this.
  • The FBI has been investigating whether there was any cooperation or collusion between the President’s campaign and the Russians.
  • Numerous members of the campaign team have been caught lying and saying contact didn’t happen between them and Russians, when it did.
  • The President has insisted not only that there was no collusion or cooperation, but also that the interference in our election did not happen.
  • The President fired the director of the FBI, and admitted on TV in a recorded interview that he was fired because of the Russian interference investigation.
  • The President’s administration refuses to enact Russian sanctions for the interference. They were nearly unanimously enacted by a very partisan and divided congress (house of reps 419:3 for; Senate 98:2) which rarely agrees on anything.
  • The President and certain members of congress have continuously attempted to discredit the FBI and Department of Justice.
  • Devin Nunes, a highly partisan Republican congressional Representative that has continuously defended the President against overwhelming concern by others recused himself from the investigation. Then he wrote a memo that tries to discredit the FBI investigation. The memo was changed AFTER congress voted to share it with the public. The FBI and DOJ have said the memo is reckless and is misleading because of the omission of fact. The same memo was targeted by over 1,000 Russian bot accounts on Twitter that supported #releasethememo.
  • The Administration, his supporters, and the right wing arm of the media continue to float bogus claims about a “deep state” within the government that is trying to sabotage the Presidency.
This is all brought to you by members of the Republican party. A group that at one time, believed the Soviets/Russians, who were not significantly different from the Putin regime, were a grave threat to the United States and the free world.

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