Actions=Consequences. Help create list supporting GOP-Friendly Business


July 11, 2018 by Jan Stone

It’s always about the money. Anti-immigration, healthcare rollbacks, white supremacy, support for Russia, North Korea and Chinese alliances are only a handful of the atrocities occurring daily. They happen not only because the current president and republicans refuse to stand up to a platform built on lies, hate and bigotry, but because they’re profiting from it.

Boycotting businesses and other organizations friendly to an entire political party unwilling to stop the insanity is a powerful tool. Here’s an example The Nation recently posted in “The Social Shaming of Racists is Working”

“The assertion of private authority over public space now comes with a social cost. That is what happened to Aaron Schlossberg, the Manhattan lawyer who threatened to call ICE on the Spanish-speaking food workers and customers in New York. His law practice soon plummeted in customer ratings; he was hounded by reporters seeking comment; and his corporate landlord terminated his business lease.” 


Civil disobedience doesn’t have to be ugly. Protesting with wallets vs. rants is perhaps the most powerful way to stop the insanity.

We know of phone apps like BoycottTrump, hashtags such as #BoycottTrumpfor and #backtoyourbasket.

We’d like to create a repository that includes local as well as national entities who support POTUS and his do-nothing-party; a spot people can check and add to daily to keep boycotting businesses and organizations representing what is contrary to what makes America great and to remind voters why not to vote Republican in upcoming elections if this is the option:

Many believe we’re a compassionate country temporarily overrun by politicians not interested in public service. And we can change that.

Come to Elect2Care and @Elect2Care and add local and national businesses and organizations who support the current administration. Please give examples; we’re not out to smear innocent parties.

Then check us out when you’re using your hard-earned money at stores and for services. As information comes in, we’ll work our best to curate the information in the most convenient manner.

Thank you in advance.







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    If you don’t want to support racism, help here.


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