Who are you?


August 7, 2018 by Jan Stone

Who besides the 1% are such elitists? SERIOUSLY. Setting aside the morally bereft acceptance of Trump separating refugee babies from moms (A. Very. Generous. Concession), now Trump supporters agree those with US visas and green cards who have ever relied on government support — from the Affordable Care Act and Medicare to food stamps and disability — must have their visas/green cards revoked?!

Demographics say primarily white men without college degrees still stand proudly behind Trump and this policy. REALLY? None of you have ever collected unemployment? Filed for bankruptcy? Requested medical disability because of illness or accident?

Check out these facts culled from a series of surveys conducted by one of the U.S.’s most respected public opinion research centers, Pew, which leave us with a clear picture of the Trump demographic:

They are primarily white, older men with low levels of education and income. They believe that immigrants and free trade deals have harmed their earning power … and they prefer an America in which white people are the majority.

I know many of you are white women, too. I even know white people with an Hispanic spouse who have beautiful brown children, and many are still all about the wall. Those and others were  friends. How Trump polarized the nation sadly makes it impossible to stay in touch. Dirty looks, the cold treatment or a barrage of trumped up lies make it impossible for us to communicate.

But I know for a fact — not fake news — that some of you have relied on the government to support you in need. And I don’t begrudge that for a nano-second.

Read this recent Atlantic magazine article survey.  I could not resist putting in italics and bolding (it’s only two sentences; you’ve got this):

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities…found that in both percentage terms and absolute numbers, federal programs reduced poverty among working-age whites without a college degree more than they did among non-college-educated Hispanics, African Americans, or members of other races, and far more than they did among college-educated adults of any race. The number of these working-age whites, in fact, exceeded the combined number of non-college-educated blacks, Hispanics, and members of other races that made such gains.

So what’s with the faux tribalism? You’re so defensive that we can’t even talk about it or issues like common sense gun laws because…. Are you in need of an AR? When money’s tight, does your excess weaponry help pay the bills?

I’m a white, female, middle-class baby boomer, and I’m mortified. And, I’m a college grad. I read books, fact check, suffer through Fox News propaganda. And then I do more fact-checking.  Do any of you listen to other stations, to hear both sides for the hell of it, and even ponder researching their commentary?

We annihilated American Indians when puritans and protestants mad at catholicism fled to the US due to the perceived tyranny of another religion, kings and queens. Watch the movie Amistad? It’s about how we sailed to Africa, separated families and threw them in piles atop each other in the hull of  ships, then sold them at auction to white supremacists believing the color of one’s skin reflects their content of character. This paragraph defines irony at least, hypocrisy without question.

Sexual fluidity is another hot topic. I cannot for the life of me understand why any white-born female would choose to transition to a white man, not that I have any problem with the LGBT community; I support love in all its iterations.

I hope the day will come when every white man and woman, college or not, will suffer only 1% of the racism, misogyny, bigotry and hypocrisy that represents us now. Our lack of humanity is an irreconcilable stain on civilization, right up there with the Holocaust.  If/when the white man gets put in his place to face consequences for his actions, collective heads will explode.

It’s about time.




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