Petty, Vindictive Man Child In Chief Disrespects The Flag, Country, and Military

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August 27, 2018 by Chris Kite

The president’s treatment of War Hero and Senator John McCain, even after he is dead, is very telling of the president’s petty, vindictive personality.

Take the high road. Just once in your life. Please. Just once!

I didn’t really care much for McCain’s policy positions. And he will forever be remembered by me as the guy that picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. That was a critical moment in an already devolving political discourse. I’m guessing that Republican President Donald Trump views that as a high point in McCain’s career. With the low point most likely being when he defended Obama and said he was NOT an Arab and was an American that was a good man and just had a different political view.

But McCain served his country. He was shot down and tortured and didn’t break. He could have gone home but upheld the code of honor that says the first prisoner taken is the first to go home. From any point of view, he was a war hero. Doesn’t matter that it was an unjust war by a highly misguided country. He served his country, risked his life, was injured in service, and spent years as a POW. He was tortured and mistreated. He helped other prisoners. He was heroic in his actions.

He and his family deserve kind words and recognition of his contributions. He should be remembered as a war hero. The flags should be at half staff. The President of the United States of America, as they have historically done, should set aside differences and make a statement recognizing a brave and loyal American.

The president has disrespected the flag, the country, and military veterans in ways that are far worse than any NFL player taking a knee. His purpose of one of a personal and vindictive nature. He is showing he is unwilling to stand up and be an American first, setting aside his ongoing misguided hatred of someone that dares to stand up to him.

The President’s complete and total disrespect of Senator John McCain is yet more exhibit proving his total lack of respect for our country, our history, our military, and our honor.

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