Three Questions I’m Asking Myself

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September 28, 2018 by Chris Kite

With the Senate hearing behind us, and the Senate Judiciary Committee voting to proceed with the Kavanaugh vote, I find myself asking three important questions.

1 – Why would Christine Blasey Ford lie about being sexually assaulted?

The president and republicans tell us it is all a Democratic con job or sham. That really stretches my imagination. Here is a woman that has been living a quite life, out of the spotlight of politics and suddenly she is a rabid partisan Democrat that is willing to put up with death threats and the venom spewed by hateful republicans and conservatives across the country. That just doesn’t make sense. She also testified that she told others about it in the past, without mentioning his name. Having seen men in action all my life, and even having a few men over the years brag about similar incidents, I find it impossible NOT to believe her.

2 – Why would Brett Kavanaugh lie about not sexually assaulting her?

This one is a no brainer. Bill Cosby lied. Donald Trump lied. Bill Clinton lied about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Men lie about affairs, assaults, and rapes all the time. And Brett Kavanaugh has much to lose by telling the truth. He lied during his testimony about the drinking age in Maryland when he was in High School. He lied about his circle of friends. So it is very easy for me to find his testimony less than accurate and truthful.

3 – Why are republicans in such a hurry to confirm him?

Again, this isn’t hard to understand. Their guy is damaged. He’s in big trouble from a popular opinion standpoint, and women across the country are rightfully angry as hell at the lack of concern for an alleged sexual assault by a man nominated to sit on the highest court in the country for the rest of his life. He has been shown to be radically partisan and conservative in the past, and quite frankly, this is exactly what republicans want. If they can get it. Imagine a justice that will set aside law and precedent so that he can swing with the republican position on issues. He would be even more “reliable” than typical conservative justices, because they can count on him to do what the GOP now puts before anything else. Party before country. Party before law. Party before ethics.

So it’s quite easy to understand why the republican senators would not bring in more witnesses or the other accusers. It is easy to understand why the president and most other republicans don’t want an FBI investigation. They are not interested in the truth. They want their guy!

I don’t expect the hearings or the accusations to make any difference. McConnell would likely push forward with a serial killing child molester if Donald Trump nominated him. And the bulk of the party would follow.

So there is only one answer.

Embrace your anger and vote. Vote in November and vote in every election. If you don’t like what is happening in our country, change who is in charge.


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