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  1. Trump Distractions

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    July 24, 2018 by Chris Kite

    The president has been on a tear this week. Threatening Iran. Tweeting about how the FBI released Carter Page warrant …
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  2. So THIS Is What They Were Hiding!

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    April 24, 2017 by Chris Kite

    Exxon Mobil has applied to the Treasury Department for a waiver for U.S. sanctions on Russia. Exxon, whose former CEO …
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  3. ExxonMobil Acknowledges Climate Change – Why Won’t Republicans?

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    December 8, 2015 by Chris Kite

    When ExxonMobil is more environmentally responsible than virtually all Republicans, it is a very sad statement! Back in May, ExxonMobil …
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  4. Leaving Science to the Scientists


    June 17, 2015 by Chris Kite

    It is hard to be much more hypocritical or arrogant than these two! They are complaining about the Pope speaking …
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  5. Safe Pipelines?

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    May 23, 2015 by Chris Kite

    We hear about how the Keystone XL pipeline will be safe. Sure. Just like this pipeline? The fact is, things …
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  6. Why We Shouldn’t Rush The Keystone XL Pipeline


    January 22, 2015 by Chris Kite

    The Republicans are calling it the Keystone Jobs Bill. Of course like many names of bills, the name isn’t accurate. …
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  7. Renewable Energy, Mr Inhofe!

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    November 12, 2014 by Chris Kite

    It boggles my mind that the people this country has in charge of things like environmental and science policy have …
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