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  1. Trump Administration Now Moving to Deport Hispanic US Citizens

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    September 1, 2018 by Chris Kite

    Racist. Deplorable. Shameful. Horrific. Those are the words that came to mind as I read the story linked below. The …
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  2. Why We Must Stop The Trump Administration

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    August 21, 2018 by Chris Kite

    Forget about “truth isn’t truth.” Forget about payoffs of porn stars and Playboy Playmates. Forget about outrageous statements involving political …
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  3. The Press Is Not The Enemy Of The People

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    August 16, 2018 by Chris Kite

    The press is not the enemy of the people. They are an integral part of our democracy and their freedom …
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  4. Get Out And Vote!

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    August 15, 2018 by Chris Kite

    These are sobering statistics. The story they tell is that too many people stayed home and didn’t vote in 2016. …
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  5. Poll: Does Trump Just Not Care or…


    August 9, 2018 by Jan Stone

    Melania Trump’s immigrant parents were naturalized today using chain migration, which President Trump hopes to eliminate. Wait, what? Please answer the poll!

  6. Masters Of Deflection? Or Just Liars?

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    January 25, 2017 by Chris Kite

    The new Trump administration is very skilled in waging a propaganda war and deflecting from the real issues. As the …
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  7. The GOP Has A Master Plan

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    January 20, 2017 by Chris Kite

    The GOP knows what it is doing. It is working directly for big business to try to destroy the government …
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  8. Fighting Trumpism

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    November 27, 2016 by Chris Kite

    If we are to be successful in fighting Trumpism, I think we need to change our approach. Yes, he is …
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  9. Even Trump Doesn’t Believe In Trump

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    November 6, 2016 by Chris Kite

    Donald Trump continues to lie about his generosity. At this point, no one should be surprised by this. He continuously …
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  10. The Dangers of GOP Fear Mongering

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    October 25, 2016 by Chris Kite

    For several decades now, the Republican Party has been embracing fear as its primary tactic. It’s been effective, and the …
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